YM General Sessin and GA will take place on Tuesday from 14.00-18.00 in Auditorium 15.

Followed by the YM social event at Kayak Bar, Børskaj 12 - https://kayakbar.dk/

ITAym Session 

14.00-14.05      Welcome
14.05-14.20      Envisioning INdia's urban (underground) future
14.20-14.35      Continuing a century old legacy of railway tunnels in East India
14.35-14.50      A startup in the tunnelling world: innovation, challenges, human and professional perspectives
14.40-15.05      Digitalisation as an oppertunity and inspiration for young professionals in tunnelling
15.05-15.20      Metro in Stockholm - Rock splitting method
15.20-15.35      TELT project developments and works in progress
15.35-16.00      Panel Discussion